To see all orphans and Vulnerable Children in Senyange and surrounding areas live a more fulfilling life and empower them to their full potential in life by 2026. Where possible, provide a descent home environment for the absolutely homeless orphans and the destitute children in Masaka


To create more empowered youth synergy in Masaka that contributes to building of peace, economy, nationalism and self reliance.


The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of lives of children and youths who are critically needy through holistic empowerment and participatory education/training

Who we are

Masaka is one of the oldest historical districts in Uganda which saw experienced the earliest wrath of HIV/AIDS scourge in Uganda and the world as a whole. Aware that Masaka is bordering major fishing sites which often distract family fraternity. Children have continued suffering from the absence of their parents, due to deaths, separations, abandonments, rejections and seldom being thrown into dust bins, kidnap, child trafficking along with surviving under harsh and violent circumstances with irresponsible parents, guardians or step parents. In Masaka children majorly become susceptible to suffering due to; deaths related to HIV/AIDS, effects of poverty, abandonment as parents engage in fishing at sites where children and women are not allowed. Sometimes children suffer from separations of parents and or effects on children born due to unlawful behaviors such as prostitution are all threatening child safety and freedom. There is also low government facilitation of children for universal education, and evidenced school drop out due to lack of scholastic materials and facilitation for meals at school. Its inevitable whatsoever, to create avenues for promotion of child participation rights: encompass children's freedom to express opinions, to have a say in matters affecting their own lives, to join associations and to assemble peacefully. As their capacities develop, children should have increasing opportunity to participate in the activities of society, in preparation for adulthood Therefore, SACF; with these back view, hereby wishes to come up with initiatives to curb the suffering of children.


To create avenues for promotion of child participation rights: a. To encompass children's freedom to express opinions,
To have a say in matters affecting their own lives,  
To join associations and to assemble peacefully.  

 To work hand in hand with any other development actor for the good will of senyange and surrounding communities. These include, linkage, networking, advocating for and lobbying on behalf of the said community with government actors, NGOs, Civil Organisations, and Donors any other local efforts geared towards the common good of Ssenyange and surrounding communities. 

To create avenues for economic empowerment for impoverished members of Ssenyange community 

To open, manage and sustain educational facilities such as schools, workshops, clubs that empower children, youths and their families  

To form and maintain an orphanage facility as a temporal home for the homeless, displaced or endangered children in Masaka 

 To provide basic needs for vulnerable children and improve their living standards  

 Provide opportunity for education to absolutely homeless, disadvantaged or displaced orphans and the destitute children in Uganda 

Activities / Projects 

Rescuing and sheltering, shelter constructions, rehabilitating and reselling children who have been displaced or ran away from their homes  

Formal education curriculum routines, Parenting seminars, workshops and conferences 

 Sheltering, feeding, payment of school fees, medical support  

Psycho-social support and counseling